More on Holiday Lights programming:

Next on the concert is “Glora Tibi” from “Mass” by Leonard Bernstein, for female voices with tenor soloist Matt DeDiana. Dr. Willis and Frank Whitcomb chose this piece as a tie-in to our performance of Richard Stoehr’s works – Bernstein had been a student of Stoehr at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia!

This snippet of Bernstein’s “Mass”, which he wrote for the 1971 opening of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC, is energetic, and typical of Bernstein’s compositional style. Driving, shifting rhythms and tonalities abound, a perfect counterpoint to the exultant text – “Glory to Thee, God.”

The tenor soloist represents the “Celebrant” or priest in the quite theatrical “Mass,” leading his congregants to respond in joyful kind.

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