Carmina Burana by Carl Orff

Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi

1. O Fortuna

2. Fortune plango vulnera

I. Primo vere

3. Veris leta facies

4. Omnia sol temperat

5. Ecce gratum

Uf dem anger

6. Tanz

7. Floret silva

8. Charmer, gip die varwe mir

9. Reie

Swaz hie gat umbe

Chume, chum, geselle min

Swaz hie gat umbe

Were diu werlt alle min

II. In Taberna

11. Estuans interius

12. Olim lacus colueram

13. Ego sum abbas

14. In taberna quando sumus

III. Cour d’amours

15. Amor volat undique

16. Dies, nox et omnia

17. Stetit puella

18. Circa me pectora

19. Si puer cum puellula

20. Veni, veni, venias

21. In trutina

22. Tempus et iocumdum

23. Dulcissime

Blanziflor et Helena

24. Ave formosissima

Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi

25. O Fortuna

“Terrific, exciting – everything was just right!”
–Martha Roberts

Holiday Lights, December 2017

Glory to God in the Highest (Randall Thompson)

Magnificat in B flat (Francesco Durante)

I. Magnificat Anima mea Dominum
II. Misericordia
III. Deposuit potentes de sede
IV. Suscepit Israel
V. Sicut locutus est
VI. Gloria Patri

A Grace for Christmas (Richard Stoehr)
Ave Maria
Gloria Tibi (Leonard Bernstein)
The Best of Rooms (Thompson)
O Come All Ye Faithful
Lux Arumque (Eric Whitacre)
The Lamb (Christopher Matthews)
There is No Rose (Gary Garcia)
Carol from an Irish Cabin (Dale Wood)
Northern Lights (Ola Gjeilo)
It Sifts From Leaden Sieves (David J. Tetrault)
Angels We Have Heard on High (arr. Howard Helvey)

“Performance that touches the heart.”
–Kathy Maxey-Scarcello

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