About Solaris

Solaris Vocal Ensemble is dedicated to the belief that choral music – the powerful combination of music and language – can energize and inspire the human spirit. Our mission is to bring light and meaning into great choral works that span the ages, through compelling performances imbued with passion and musical artistry.

Based in Burlington, Vermont, this choir of twenty-four to thirty auditioned singers is led by Artistic Director, Dr. Dawn Willis. Solaris performs a wide variety of choral literature ranging from the Renaissance to the twenty-first century – from evocative and introspective a cappella selections to more expansive dramatic works involving a variety of instrumental forces.

In September, 2013, a group of singers met in the Burlington High School music room for the first Solaris rehearsal, and we’ve been singing ever since. Although some of our faces have changed, our commitment to our Ensemble remains central to who we are. Throughout our history our audiences have been enthralled by our performances – moved at times to laughter and at times to tears – they’ve been both spell-bound by the beauty of the music and thrilled to be invited to sing along.

Our singers have a deep musical background, and include life-long singers, area music educators, and instrumentalists who occasionally leave their place on the risers to accompany us on their cello, flute, trumpet or banjo. You can read our bios here.

We traditionally give 2 major concerts a year, in December and April, in venues in northeastern Vermont, and we hope to see you at one of them soon! We rely on the financial support of our audience and friends to bring our captivating concerts to light. Find out how you can help here.

Visit the Solaris Repertoire page for a look at a list of selections we have performed. If you would like to be kept up-to-date about Solaris activities, please join our mailing list on this site so we can keep you informed about our exciting upcoming performances.

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