Solaris has openings for next season, and is auditioning in June. Vocalists with significant classical choral experience who would like to audition should contact Solaris’ Artistic Director, Dr. Dawn Willis, at Please include a description of your choral experience and any private vocal study.

Solaris is a chamber choir of 24-30 vocalists consisting of singers with significant classical choral experience that have a strong desire for choral excellence and a passion for choral music! The audition will last approximately 15 minutes and will include the following:

  • A solo of your choice which will be sung unaccompanied. Selections should demonstrate the expressive range and flexibility of the singer’s voice. Any genre of classical repertoire is acceptable: aria, art song, etc. Popular music and broadway selections are not acceptable. (Please bring an additional copy of the music with you to the audition.)
  • The first verse of “America The Beautiful” in a key of your choice, unaccompanied
  • A short sight singing exercise
  • A few major scales that demonstrate vocal range, dynamic nuances, vibrato control, and pitch/intonation accuracy.
  • A short tonal memory exercise

The Art Song Central website has 250 titles that are free and printable if you’d like to look for a piece for your audition solo. The Choral Public Domain Library website has a number of art songs and arias as well.

To schedule an audition please read the Solaris Membership Information and Expectations and Covid-19 information and contact the Solaris Artistic Director at

Choir singing

Auditioning now for a Bass to join us in January.